Evans is an international company providing professional real estate services.

Evans, which has been operating in the market since 1991, has offices in Moscow, London, New York and St. Petersburg. In 2016, the company won the prestigious EUROPEAN PROPERTY AWARDS. According to the Frank Research Group, Evans was awarded 1st place for one of its business directions.

The main operational areas of the company are residential and commercial property, and investment offers around the world. Evans provides a wide range of services, foreseeing the client's wishes. With extensive experience and expertise, we identify the real needs of customers and choose the most profitable real estate investment portfolio for them.

The main benefits of working with Evans are:

  • extensive and detailed knowledge of the development of the Russian and foreign markets, and a thorough assessment of all economic, geopolitical and legal aspects
  • the identification of customer needs, selection of individual properties for sale, investment offers and immigration programs
  • large database of residential and commercial real estate in Russia and abroad
  • the presence of exclusive offers and best conditions from developers and proprietors
  • the speed and accuracy of search, preparation of the best offer pool (quality/price) for the sale and rent with best location
  • quality and liquidity property verification and valuation for the maximum benefit for our clients
  • compliance with the principles of safety and return on investment, a stable income in choice of real estate investing
  • legal and financial transaction support, advice on contract terms
  • prompt demonstrations of foreign objects through the extensive network of partners, full support during the relocation
  • trust management of real estate
  • building long-term relationships with clients, advice on further investment and real estate transactions, clients’ interests advocacy

Taking care of the interests of the clients, we are constantly self-improving, looking for new and interesting products and exploring the market. We value each of our clients and are proud that many of them remain with us for years.

Top management

Evans has been on the market for almost 25 years and brings together professionals in different fields. Our goal is to make the choice of real estate as comfortable, quick and effective as possible. We care about customers' interests and are constantly developing and improving our professional level. We aim to become an intellectual partner and a reliable guide in the world of real estate for each of our clients.

Partners Evans


Group Evans and its shareholders have been participating in public activities aimed at popularization and promotion of charity systems in Russia for many years. Dmitry Yampolsky is the Chairman of the Board, and Yan Yanovskiy is a member of the Board of the "Belief" Russian charity foundation for the purpose of helping hospices. The new landmark project in the field of philanthropy was the establishment of the "Friends" Foundation, whose founders are Yan Yanovskiy, Dmitry Yampolsky and Gor Nakhapetyan, and Ivan Urgant is a Chairman of a Trustee Council of the Foundation.