Roskoshnoe bungalo na Mal'divakh

Luxurious Bungalow is located on the island Maduforo (one of the largest Islands in Maldives and is surrounded by four smaller Islands surrounded by beautiful turquoise lagoon five kilometres). Four of the five Islands remain intact, which to date is the lowest level of development in the Maldives. With crystal clear water, white sand beaches and fresh tropical climate, this Bungalow complex is just 35 minutes by seaplane from male international airport. On the lower floor there is a master bedroom with dressing room, office, bathroom, swimming pool and network of catamarans, an outdoor shower and daybed, mini-bar, a sleeping area for children and a bedroom with bathroom. On the second floor bedroom, bathroom, dressing room, living room, private gym, dining pavilion with roof and breathtaking views of the sea and the ocean. The Villa is equipped with spacious common areas, like indoor and outdoor, in order for you to enjoy magical moments with the most special people in my life.
Mal'divskie ostrova, ostrov Medufaru
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